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The magic lives on! Step back in time (about 700 years, to be exact) and enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only a few centuries after it was founded!
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 Roses are oil, Apothecary is fetid.

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Cateline Bennett
Hufflepuff: Year 1
Hufflepuff: Year 1

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PostSubject: Roses are oil, Apothecary is fetid.   10/9/2013, 9:32 pm

The sickly sweet taste of the sugar quill invaded Cateline's mouth.  Her father had provided her with enough coinage to buy it and some supplies he needed from the Apothecary. As a muggle Apothecary owner, her father often ventured into the Wizarding World to collect supplies for his, special, customers. The sweet taste contrasted sharply with the atrocious smell within the Apothecary.

Cat flitted from shelf to shelf, gathering up items as she went. Stopping at the Black Beetle Eyes, she began to individually count the eyes, depositing them into her small bag. 753 Black Beetle Eyes later, Cat looked at the unicorn horns on display. Tears gathered in her eyes, she couldn't fathom the cruelty one would have to be consumed by to willingly take a unicorn's horn.

Cat and her father often visited foreign places to gather herbs and supplies for his shop, he thought the trader down the road had a shifty look about him. Cat thought the man looked lonely, but she wasn't one to go against her father so she stayed away from him.

A strident sound echoed the Apothercary, and from its pungent smell, Cat deemed it to be rose oil. A rather safe ingredient by itself. Cat skipped over to the broken glass and bent to pick it up.

"While summer roses all their glory yield
  To crown the votary of love and joy,
  Misfortune’s victim hails, with many a sigh,
  Thee, scarlet Poppy of the pathless field,
Gaudy, yet wild and lone; no leaf to shield."
Cateline silently recited while carefully picking up the edged glass.

Accidentally poking herself in the process, Cat looked up to the one who had dropped the rose oil, they looked to be about her age.

"Might you have a bandage?" Cat inquired, her eyes quickly becoming unfocused as she became lost in thought.

OOC: Sonnet: To the Poppy by Anna Seward
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Emmanuelle Armand
Slytherin: Year 1
Slytherin: Year 1

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PostSubject: Re: Roses are oil, Apothecary is fetid.   12/5/2013, 3:06 pm

Emmanuelle shuffled along the cobblestone streets to the Apothecary, slightly shaken from the events that took place in the Emporium. Why would they allow someone so obviously insane to work there? The woman should have been thrown in a dungeon, not enlisted to help out children choosing pets. Imbecile Anglais, she thought grimly.

Ah, mon Dieu,” she cursed with a gasp as she walked into the shop.

The smell had hit her immediately. She hated going to apothecaries, they were simply too grotesque for words. Emmy normally didn’t do this part of the shopping, but her nursemaid had stoutly refused to do it this time. Luckily, her list wasn’t long.

Belladone, huile de rose, asphodèle,” she recited to herself, sauntering through the isles.

The belladonna she found right away; for just a moment, she wondered why she was buying deadly nightshade, but then shrugged it off. What was it to her? She grabbed a pouch and journeyed on. After a few minutes of searching, Em came upon the rose oil. Carefully, she picked up the smallest of the vials; but her caution was all for naught. A large man bumped into her, the vial slipping from her grip and crashing to the floor.

Sorry, m’lady, sorry,” the man sputtered before prancing away.

This darkened Emmy’s mood significantly. It didn’t help when she nearly stepped on a girl around her age, who’d bent down to pick up the pieces of broken glass.

En vérité,” she snapped, stepping another inch away from the girl. “Why are you not careful, zis eez dangereux to be peecking up ze glass!

push the bounderies...
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Roses are oil, Apothecary is fetid.
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