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The magic lives on! Step back in time (about 700 years, to be exact) and enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only a few centuries after it was founded!
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 To Hogsmeade!

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Professor Renoir
Ravenclaw Head Of House
Ravenclaw Head Of House

Posts : 100

PostSubject: To Hogsmeade!   7/2/2013, 11:56 pm

Professor Renoir stood miffed by the great wood and iron doors of the Entrance Hall. Cloak draped gracefully over her shoulders and scroll in hand, she awaited the students. Today was the school's special trip (special because normally 1st and 2nd years weren't allowed) to Hogsmeade, and Marguerite couldn't wait to get it over with.

"Line up, line up!" she shouted as the children came piling in, forming an unruly crowd around her. "Silence! Form a line or you'll be staying here! Now, as you walk out the door, give me your name so I may cross it off the list. In an orderly fashion, if you please!"

She sighed and unrolled her parchment.

((OOC: So uh, just post what you want, but give your name before you walk out. Just assume your name is on the list, unless you're Kolby. Then go post in Hogsmeade!

-Three Broomsticks
-Hog's Head Inn
-Post Office
-Honeyduke's [not specified]
-Zonko's [not specified]
-Dervish and Banges [not specified; pawn shop]

Knowledge Is Our Greatest Weapon
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Marigold Belet
Ravenclaw: Year 2
Ravenclaw: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/3/2013, 12:25 am

Marigold bounced up and down, super excited to be going to Hogsmeade. Her coin purse jingled with the fifty galleons she had to spend. It was a small part of her inheritance her aunt had left her. She walked up to Professor Renoir, wrapping her scarf tighter around her neck. It was a bit chilly outside.

"Marigold Arabella Belet. Thank you so much for allowing us to go professor."Marigold told her, bouncing on her toes. After that,she stepped out of the bubble of protection that was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She put on her hood that went with her cloak, waiting for her friends by a carriage. It had enough space to hold six people. She took out a piece of parchment and looked it over. It was full of gift ideas.

"If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost,then who am i?"-Anonymous
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Adelaine Beaumont
Ravenclaw: Year 2
Ravenclaw: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/3/2013, 12:36 am

Adelaine stood eagerly in line a few places behind Marigold, peering around for the rest of her friends. Hopefully they wouldn't arrive late, Renoir wasn't like to let tardiness slide. Giving up the search, she settled for a conversation with the Hufflepuff boy in front of her. She could hardly get a word in, the lad was more talkative than Mitri.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure it'll be wonderful," she finally said, a bit harsher than she had meant to be. Finally she stepped up to the professor. "Adelaine Renee Beaumont."

She skipped out the door and down to the carriages, saving a seat for her friends. Hogsmeade was just around the corner!

let your spirit soar
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Arya Lannister
Gryffindor: Year 2
Gryffindor: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/3/2013, 12:57 am

Arya shoved her way through the crowd and managed to find a spot in line near the front. She spotted Marigold and Adele and almost shouted out to them, but she doubted that would have improved Renoir's mood.

Jingling the couple galleons her parents had gotten changed for her in Diagon Alley, Arry wasn't sure how she felt about this trip. What could you buy with two galleons and a few knuts? Now, as if it hadn't been obvious before, people would definitely know she was a poor peasant in the muggle world.

"Arya Jeyne Lannister," she piped up when it was her turn.

Arya stepped outside and headed toward the carriages.

~Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords~
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Miriam David
Hufflepuff: Year 2
Hufflepuff: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/3/2013, 8:01 am

Miriam patiently waited her turn, making sure she was bundled up properly for going outside in the snow. The multiple layers of petticoats along with thick stockings under her long dress should be enough to keep her warm, but just in case she cast a small warming charm her father had taught her on her clothing. Better safe than sorry.

The weight in her belt pouch was a nice surprise as she hadn't expected anything from her parents when she had sent them a letter saying that first years got to go to Hogsmeade, but it was nice to have some spending money all the same.

Finally, it was her turn, "Miriam Rose David," she said and headed out the doors of the castle to the carriages. She had thought they would walk to the village as it was so close, but was glad she didn't have to walk through all the snow.

Climbing into an empty carriage, she snuggled down in her cloak and made sure her mitten were secure as she waited for the ride.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

Never stop wondering.
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Kolby Parry
Slytherin: Year 2
Slytherin: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/4/2013, 5:02 pm

Kolby watched one by one as his classmates left. He sighed in disappointment. But, maybe there was a way he could go. He looked at the card Joesph gave him. Then, he looked at Arya.

"Meet me at Honeydukes. We'll scheme there."he told her. He didn't wait for a response. Then, he looked at Professor Renoir. Looking defeated, he went to the Common Room.

"Kolby! My main first year! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be on your way to Hogsmeade."the fifth year Joesph called out to him. He had met him at the Halloween feast.

"I can't go. It's my punishment for the prank."he told him. Joesph laughed and grabbed him hand.

"You're going to Hogsmeade."Joesph said, leading him to the third floor. They stopped at the one-eyed witch statue. Joesph looked around and then pointed his wand at it. "Dissendium."he said. The hump of the statue opened and a bat flew out. Joesph picked up Kolby and helped him into the hole.

"Keep going straight and you'll hit Honeyduke's cellar. Good luck buddy."Joesph said, closing the hump. It was pitch black but when the hump clicked into place, lanterns glowed when Kolby walked past them. Finally, he reached the steps into the Honeyduke's cellar.
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Deirdre McCalahan
Hufflepuff: Year 2
Hufflepuff: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/4/2013, 11:57 pm

Deirdre waited behind Miriam in line. While most of her classmates were bundled up for the cold, she had decided to simply wear a wool dress and a heavy cloak. She liked the chill which came with the season.

She had quite a few Galleons in her pouch. She didn't know what sort of things she would see, but there was bound to be something of interest in one of the shops. Maybe it would be alright to buy her parents something.

"Deirdre Lynn McCalahan." She stated her name when it was her turn.

She climbed aboard the carriage her friends were in, looking excitedly around.

I see no point in being a lady if I cannot first be just a girl.
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Evangeline D'Helion
Slytherin: Year 2
Slytherin: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/7/2013, 9:37 am

Evangeline was waiting at the Entrance Hall,her cape drapped aroun her as she felt really cold,for some reason.She waited along with the other kids,watching some of them chat,or gossip in groups.She stayed alone in a corner,watching the others walk past her towards the Professor,saying their name and walking out.She wasn't in a mood to go to the trip,but it would be a nice chance to clear her head,and get some fresh air.She really needed to try making some friends.

She watched as the girls were walking towards the Professor,one by one,a sad smile forming on her pale-from the cold-lips.It was sad to know that they would have fun together,who she would probably be alone somewhere in Hogsmead with nothing to do.She had always been like that.Closed to herself,dark and mysterious.Though she knew that as a true Lady,she would have to 'make friends' and show herself to the world.

A sigh left her lips as she finally pushed herself off of the wall she was leaning against,and made her way towards the Professor,looking at the ground instead of her."Evangeline Valerie D'Helion."
Then,she looked up and behind the Professor,staring at the door,before pushing it open and walking outside,pulling her hood over her head,and making her way into the carriage.

((OOC:Sorry if it's not good enough.I am using my iPod to post and it is quite hard.))
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Susan Eastwood
Gryffindor: Year 1
Gryffindor: Year 1

Posts : 10

PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/11/2013, 4:51 pm

Susan was waiting patiently to go to Hogsmeade. She checked her coat pocket to make sure her Galleons were there. Susan was really excited. It would be a great place to relax. She somehow had a liking for wizardly towns. Susan wanted to see Hogsmeade for herself, since her mother talks about it all the time. She waited and waited. Finally, she was at the front of the line.

"Susan Elizabeth Eastwood.", she said.

She climbed into the carriage Arya was in, waiting for the ride.
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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   7/11/2013, 9:28 pm

Rose was almost the last one to go to Hogsmeade. She had already triple-checked her pockets for her wand, Galleons, and Christmas list to send to her parents and sister. She was very delighted. Today would be a good day to shop.

"I hope there's extra space in a carriage. I don't want to be alone in the freezing cold," she said with a shiver as she pulled her cape closer to her.

She was finally in front. Even though she was the only one left, she looked behind her as if she was leaving for good. She faced Professor Renoir and smiled.

"Rose Cathleen Zermanion. I hope you have a good time professor!" she said as she hopped onto a carriage with a charming Gryffindor boy and started a conversation with him.
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PostSubject: Re: To Hogsmeade!   

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To Hogsmeade!
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