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The magic lives on! Step back in time (about 700 years, to be exact) and enter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only a few centuries after it was founded!
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 A world full of desire (Open)

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Emma Cardon
Slytherin: Year 1
Slytherin: Year 1

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PostSubject: A world full of desire (Open)    3/10/2015, 12:19 pm

Emma smiled evily as she entered Borgin and Burkes. She was surrounded by such beautiful dark artifacts. She saw a Hand of glory, a blood quill, a vanishing cabinet. It was ll so amazing. She couldnt wait to learn all about it. She turned around and bumped into someone. She growled and said through clenched teeth, "Watch it." She looked up and saw a man. He looked like one of those guy you just dont emss with. But of course, Emma being Emma, she had to poke the bear. "Move it."
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Kolby Parry
Slytherin: Year 2
Slytherin: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: A world full of desire (Open)    3/10/2015, 1:34 pm

Kolby was browsing the books of Borgin and Burkes, looking for a book about the dark wizards side to fairy tales. He thought his sisters would enjoy the villain side to the classic fairy tales and legends they knew. Although, he doubted it. Thea was no Slytherin; she was more like a Hufflepuff. And, Gloria.....well, she was a miniature Ravenclaw. But, the Perry's are a family of mutt's anyways. Maybe Gloria would find them interesting, he thought, skimming through a book.

Kolby noticed there were more people than usual in the shop. Particularly, a girl a year younger than him, who was about to be in a world of hurt, messing with an intimidating dude.

"What?!" the man said aggressively. Kolby knew he had to interfere.

"Woah, mate. She didn't mean it," Kolby said, putting himself between the girl and him. Kolby recognized the boy from school. He was in the Ministry of Mischief. He seemed to recognize Kolby too. He smiled and backed off.

"Sorry," he apologized, going to the other end of the store. Kolby sighed in relief. He turned towards the girl.

"You know, if you keep picking fights, you're gonna get hurt one of these days," he said, skimming through the book that was behind her.

"I'm Kolby by the way. Second year Slytherin. I assume you'll be starting next year?" he asked.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
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A world full of desire (Open)
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