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 The After Party

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Arya Lannister
Gryffindor: Year 2
Gryffindor: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: The After Party    8/24/2014, 8:43 pm

Arya was hunkered down underneath the covers, trying her hardest to sleep. She’d had a rough night and hardly slept. Normally, she would toss and turn to get comfortable – her burned arm made it impossible to lay on her right side, so she had to try and lay still. She heard the curtains and someone shuffling inside.

Time for your salve,” Millicent said.

Fine,” she grumbled, peeking out from under her blanket.

Yawning, Arry sat up and held her arm out. Millicent seemed to be in better spirits this morning. Better spirits for her, however, was just that her eyebrows weren’t as furrowed as normal. The Slytherin smoothed the sticky yellow salve onto the burn and Arya watched as it sunk straight in. She nearly jumped out of her skin when the curtains were drawn all the way back.

Kolby?” she questioned curiously. For a time, they’d been friends and allies, but they hadn’t really spoken in a while. “What’s going on?

~Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords~

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Kolby Parry
Slytherin: Year 2
Slytherin: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: The After Party    8/24/2014, 11:15 pm

"I figured you could us an update and some company." Kolby said, sitting in the chair. Gavin had went to take a nap in the Ravenclaw dorm, leaving the Gryffindor alone. Millicent rolled her eyes when she wasn't acknowledged by Kolby.

"Oh. I'm sorry Princess. Hello, Your Majesty." Kolby jabbed. Millicent sent him a death glare and left with a huff.

"Well, she's in a sour mood." he said, putting his feet up.

"So, little update. Adele's father is here and he's disappointed in Adele, which I think is completely heartless. Even my father wouldn't say that to me. Symon and I overheard everything and Symon went and punched some stuff out of anger. Marigold got accepted into her guild, just like we all knew she would. No surprise there. I think that's it." Kolby summed up the morning in about three minutes.

Suddenly, the curtains pulled open. It was another healer, one of Marigold's judges.

"Hi, I'm Lady Seraphina, Alys' sister and she sent me to check on your nerves." she said, putting a pair of glasses on and looking at Arya's arm. It was awkward and Kolby was twiddling his thumbs again.

"Oh. Small nerve damage. It is reversible though." she said, taking off her glasses and digging in the potions cabinet. She feed Arya a tablespoon and told her to take a tablespoon every day this week. Then, she left.

"So, how's your day been?" Kolby asked.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
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Marigold Belet
Ravenclaw: Year 2
Ravenclaw: Year 2

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PostSubject: Re: The After Party    8/24/2014, 11:45 pm

Marigold may have been accepted into the guild, but there were still a lot of tests for her to go through. Mother just wanted to see what all she could do.

"Mother, she's tired. She's proven her worth." Alys defended, taking Marigold's hands into hers. They were wrapped in bandages from her circle of salt initiation. Marigold felt like her head was full of lead. She couldn't tell if it was just her magic not replenishing fast enough or if the tests were making her exhausted.

"Nonsense." Mother insisted, pointing to Marigold complete the test, which was to conjure up a bandage and splint. Very simple, but Marigold just couldn't do it. Robert and Gloriana looked at each other and then worked on distracting Mother. Alys set Marigold down in a chair.

"You're doing fantastic." her father said, as Asher brought her a glass of water. Her father looked between Asher and Marigold curiously. Marigold was suddenly very scared. If her father liked Asher and made the suggestion to Lord de Hattes......Marigold and Asher could be married off to each other. Not that Asher was a bad option. Marriage in general just freaked her out.

"Thanks." she muttered as she ran her hands through her hair. Mother was a brutal teacher. But, Alys told her that the hardest teachers always taught the best, so Marigold was putting up with her.

"How about you go check on Adele and keep her some company? She's probably very lonely." Alys suggested to Marigold. Marigold nodded and headed to Adele's room.

"Hi. How are you?" she asked when she saw that Adele was awake.

"If who I am is what I have and what I have is lost,then who am i?"-Anonymous
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Arya Lannister
Gryffindor: Year 2
Gryffindor: Year 2

Posts : 365

PostSubject: Re: The After Party    9/1/2014, 11:10 pm

Arya listened silently as Kolby talked faster than she'd ever heard anyone talk (except for maybe Mitri). She wasn't even sure of what he was speaking of. What did Adele's father say to her? Symon punched things? Marigold's guild?

"Can you please explain everything?" she said calmly. "With details?"

Before any more could be said, however, Healer Alys spoke. She'd obviously amplified her voice, because it could be heard throughout the entire Hospital Wing.

"Will all uninjured students please return to their dorms," she began. "I must also ask that all parents leave unless their child is severely injured. Thank you."

Lady Seraphina peered back into Arya's little sanctuary and motioned for her and Kolby to leave. Arry's arm would heal on it's own if she kept using the salve that was given to her.

"Well, that's that," she sighed, hopping out of bed.

Arry grabbed her things and headed out.

~Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords~
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PostSubject: Re: The After Party    

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The After Party
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